The founder of Flanelles shop of couture is Dominique Temmerman.


Flanelles – an Antwerp based concept store, is founded by Dominique. She started this online shop only a few months ago. Before that, she was already passionate about women’s clothing and local shops in Antwerp.


Our inspiration

Fashion is a natural thing


We are Dominique Temmerman and Kim Heyninck, owners of Flanelles. As a young woman, Dominique experienced a lot of insecurities. For her, shopping was based on hiding the parts of her body she was insecure about. Now (after a lot of lessons), she understand that every woman has her imperfections, and feeling ugly is a waste of time.

With Flanelles, We wanted to make sure every woman feels her beautiful self. Self-love is a topic we really care about, and we working hard to set a good example in this. We are also the model of Flanelles. We want you to look at the clothes on our bodies, so you  can see you don’t have to be a photoshopped model to wear the clothes.

Be proud of who you are

Easy to wear, elegance natural& stubbornness

Flanelles started in May 2020 as a webshop. Because of success, there was a pop-up shop in “Pakt” in Antwerp in the summer, and Flanelles never left. From October 2020, Flanelles is a full-time concept store and a webshop. We love giving styling advice and helping every customer in a personal way. That is what makes Flanelles special. We wear every piece of the collection to know all the fittings, wash every piece, and style it…

For the future, We will be opening new stores all over our little country. Just like we opened a pop-up in Wenduine at the coast now. If you have any recommendations/questions/notes, please feel free to let me know.

Lots of love,

Dominique and Kim

Flanelles online webshop

In addition, As a woman’s fashion store we want give all women the opportunity to shop at our local store in Antwerp or at our online webshop. Because het merk Flanelles is een merk voor dameskleding in hartje Antwerpen, in PAKT. Hier kan je zowel verschillende soorten dameskleding shoppen als home accessoires, after all. The founder is Dominique Temmerman. She has a local concept store at PAKT.

Flanelles shop of couture women’s clothing

Before that, In Antwerpen kan je shoppen voor Flanelles kleding, koop lokaal en koop van een Belgische handelaar of een shop in jouw omgeving, zoals in Berchem, Borgerhout, Antwerpen Zuid of ‘t Zuid of Antwerpen Noord. Ook in Wilrijk Edegem, Mortsel, Schilde, Brasschaat en Ekeren kan je ons vinden. Of because woon je in Merksem, Deurne, Het Groen Kwartier, Zurenborg, Deurne of Linkeroever? Dan weet je onze concept store in Antwerpen wel te vinden!


Zowel online webshop als lokale kledingwinkel in hartje Antwerpen, flanelles Antwerp concept store.

We hebben een fysieke winkel bij PAKT voor dameskleding, of je kan ook online shoppen op onze webshop via in addition, Dames die geïnteresseerd zijn in merken zoals Nenette, Lalotti, Sedona, of Pauline B kunnen zich ook volledig vinden in ons merk. Of ben je eerder fan van urban outfitters, barcelona outlet, amélie, sienna goodies, sienna boutique, sienna & lois of sienna faye? Dan is onze webshop en concept store echt iets voor jou.

Shop of couture – flanelles dameskleding in PAKT

In conclustion, niet enkel deze dameskleding merken maar ook Velvet store, STAY, Barcelona, LOT., Lila Grace, Les Jumelles zijn grote toppers waar onze doelgroep zal scoren. Ook Marie Sixtine en Puur Gent horen hierbij.

Above all, wist je dat ook café Kasserol en Caffenation te vinden zijn bij de PAKT locatie? Of de lekkere pizza’s van Standard en verse groenten van Racine vind je hier. Swapfiets, foodbag en Speciale Belge maakte ook hun intrede bij het mooie PAKT gebouw, net zoals Flanelles.